Panorama Gallery   
Below you will find examples of various multi row, multi exposure panoramas.  Click on the picture to open a new window.  When a panorama loads, place your mouse in the picture and drag it around to view the panorama.  Full screen mode is available by clicking on the full screen buttom.  Press ESC to exit full screen mode.  Latest panoramas are at the top.  Earlier work is at the bottom.

Galleries with a blue border can be viewed on your iPad, iPhone or iTouch and other mobile devices.


Hawaii 2015

Orlando 2014

Yellowstone 2012

Yosemite Collection

Hawaii 2012


Fall colors along the Eastern Sierra mountains

Road trip to Colorado 2010

Chelsea and Daniel FINALLY get married

 Vacation to Europe 2009

Great Western Bicycle Rally 2010

Softball with Shepherd of the Hills

 Osborne Neighborhood Church

 David Schooler's house in Pennsylvania


 Glendale Centre Theatre

 Vintage Magnet School