Orlando, FL. Easter Week 2014  
The wife and I went to Orlando Florida during Easter Week 2014.  We visited all 4 Disney properities, both Universal properties and the Kennedy Space Center.  This was one heck of a fun week.  Lodging in and around Disney is oh so very cheap.  I found a 3 bedroom 2500 sq. ft. condo about 10 miles away from the Disney front gate for about $800 for the week.



Sunday April 13th.  Kennedy Space Center

Saturn V Saturn V Saturn V Saturn V Saturn V
Atlantis Display Entrance Cargo Bay Shuttle bottom Shuttle Model
Saturn 3 Saturn 3 Gemini Capsule Soyus Space Capsule

Monday April 14th.  Disneyland Magic Kingdom.  Kind of a let down since Anaheim is so much bigger and better.

Castle Front Castle Back Castle Further Back

Tuesday Epcot Center.  Torrential rains greeted us in the afternoon.

China Inside Store London Morrocco Morrocco
Morrocco Paris Paris Rome

Wednesday April 16th.  Disney Animal Kingdom.  Perhaps the best day of the week. We were enjoying the day so much that I kind of forgot to take panos.  Sure wish i took more.  Next visit.

Aviary Parrots Tree of Life Walkway

Thursday April 17th.  Disney Hollywood Studios.

Aerosmith Entrance Aerosmith Ride Chinese Theater Pixar Planet Hollywood

Friday April 18th.  Universal Studios.

Sorry but this is the only pano I shot the entire day.  Maybe I was tired or just bored.  Universal is an interensting place to visit.  It is so much like the one back home. 

Saturday April 19th.  Universal Islands of Adventure.  What a way to end the week.  We would go back to Florida just for this park.

Arcade Bridge Comics Cafe Dr. Suess landing Dr. Suess Street
Harry Potter.
Harry Potter Justice league Marmaduke Poseiden's Arm
Entrance to Poseiden's Ride

Two panos of the condo.  Such a deal at $800 for the week

  This was one great week.  I would highly recommend spending a week in Orlando.  Easter week was not humid at all and so very enjoyable.Two Panos of the Condo.  $800 for the wekk.  Such a deal.