Colorado road trip 2010 
My very dear dog Sadie died in October 2010.  I drove her to Colorado to lay her to rest next to my first dog, Max.  Below are panoramas taken during the drive back from Divide Colorado to Los Angeles California.  Since this was the dry time of year, the grass is not as green as it could be. At least I did not have to deal with snow.


Baker, CA

Brekenridge, CO

Colorado border

HWY 24 and 70 intersection, CO

HWY 24 @ mile 54, Colorado

HWY 70, Exit 25, Colorado

HWY 70, mile 153, Colorado

Colorado River

Rabbit Valley Exit Colorado

San Rafael

  Exit 100 Sunrise, Utah

Vail, Colorado

  Welcome to California

White River rest stop, Colorado

White River waterfall, Colorado

Sadie and Max

Sunrise for Sadie and Max