Hawaii 2015  
On March 28th, 2015 my wife and I flew from Los Angeles CA to Lihue Hawaii and spent 9 glorious days on Kauai.  We stayed at an stunning "tree house" which was built by the owner.  The shower was outdoors.  Very unique

We spent every day hiking.  We did not do any of the "touristy" activities.  This ended up being a very cheap vacation.  Unfortunately since Kauai is one of the wettest places on earth, clouds covered most of the island just about all day long.  Sunshine was a rare commodity.  I wish the sun was out more.  The pictures would have been much better and i would have been motivated to take more.

All panoramas shot using a Sony A7 camera, Tokina 10-12 lens, modified camera mount, Nodal Ninja R10 pano head mounted on a flyweight Induro carbon tripod.  This set up is only 60 grams heavier than a monopod rig.



March 28th we fly from LAX to LIHL.  We stayed in Kalaheo on the South shore.  We rented a 1 bedroom "tree house".  We were smack dab in the middle of the jungle.  Talk about getting away from civilization!

Main driveway Living Room Lanai Kitchen Loft
Shower Front Door Back Door

The International Arboretum.  Kind of a disappointment as the site was not very jungle like.

We drove to the top of the island and hiked the ridge trail.  With all the clouds there were not too many photo ops.

Some of the beaches we visited.

The Canyon trail.  It is a 2 mile "out and back".  At the end is a very small waterfall.  Not enough room to take a pano.  Just too many people with very limited space. 

Jurassic park was partially filmed on Kauai.  We went searching for what was left of the original front gate to Jurassic Park.  Here is what we found.

Here is what the hoopla is all about.  Not much left of the gate. Very wet trail. One of the only dry spots. End of the trail. 

Tried every evening to capture a great sun set.  The clouds just did not cooperate.

 We flew back the afternoon of Sunday April 8th.  It took Monday April 9th to recover from the trip.  What a great vacation.