Europe 2009 July 22 to August 13   
Debbie, Chelsea, Kimberly and myself went on a once in a lifetime trip to Europe.  We flew from LAX to Heathrow in United 1st Class Suite.  The girls did not know what seats we had until we boarded.  As you can see below, there is TONS OF ROOM!!!  The only way to fly.  I used my 10 years of frequent flier miles to purchase the tickets.  After we landed the next day (July 23rd), we hopped onto the Eurostar and went directly to Paris.  There we watched the finish of the Tour de France.  Such a treat.  You will find a picture of the finish line on the Paris web page.  On July 28th, we got on the Rail Europe train for a 12 hour trip from Paris down to Rome.  What great views during the ride.  The absolute highlight of the entire trip occurred during our visit to Rome.  We took a day trip to Pompeii.  The ruins are fantastic.  On August 3rd we got back on the train for an overnight trip back to Paris.  Sleeping on the train is a very interesting experience.  Even though we had a private car for the 4 of us, it was still very difficult to sleep.  On August 5th we went to Disneyland Paris.  Such a great place.  August 7th traveled on the Eurostar heading back to London.  There we enjoyed the rest of our vacation.  On August 13th, we flew back home (1st Class Suite again).
Click here for a 4 minute video of us getting on the plane.  The girls were so surprised!  Debbie and I went to Europe last year and flew 1st Class Suite then.  Debbie already knew what to expect.  The girls, however, were in for the surprise of their life.
Below there are thumbnails of all my pictures from the trip.  I am not a professional photographer and definitely have a lot to learn about web site design.  I am, however, a very motivated amateur.  I hope you my pictures of the trip.  Click on the thumbnail.  After the picture loads, put your mouse in the picture and drag the pointer around.  Enjoy.

 International First Class lounge at LAX

 The only way to fly from LAX to LHR

 And the only way to fly back!

 Rome gallery

 Paris gallery

 London gallery