Only  equipped bikes will be found here.  Some old, some not so old.

My Vintage rides:

  1970 Cinelli Speciale Corsa           1971 Raleigh Professional       1978 Alan  Super Record

1975 Masi Gran Criterium               1976 Masi Gran Criterium       1980 Masi Gran Criterium     

  1981 Masi Gran Criterium               1978 Centurion Semi Pro       1978 Gios Torino Super Record

  1975 Schwinn Paramount                 1976 Austro Daimler Vent Noir  OK, it has Shimano parts.  So sue me already!

Here are pics of my Cinelli stem that was engravedto commemorate Campy's 50th Anniversary.

And some modern day stuff:

  2000 Masi Nuovo Strada                         2000 custom made Air Friday

  2003 Gios Torino Pro                            2003 Gios Torino Super Record 78      

  Building my 2003 Gios Torino Super Record 78   1984 Eddy Merckx                             

   2005 Gios V-107                 1989 Santana Arriva                Can't hurt to dream, can it?      

Yes, I do ride all of them.  Not at once, but I rotate them.  Noneare for sale.  

Every year the family and I travel up to Pasa Robles for the Great WesternBicycle Rally.  

 This is one of the rest stops.  It is a privately owned farm called"Star Farms".

More pictures of the 2002 GWBR postedhere.

My family and I are all members of the San Fernando Valley Bicycleclub.  The club meets every Saturday and Sunday at California StateUniversity, Northridge at 8:00 AM for a ride.  Check out www.sfvbc.orgfor more information

The background picture is my "Wall of Shame".  These are theframes that I do not have room to build up.  Can you name all ofthem?  

Wantto talk bikes?  Email me at dennis [at] dlsphoto [dot] net  (for allyou spammers out there)