DSCN1330.JPG (96949 bytes) Getting ready for the 3 hour drive  DSCN1363.JPG (104992 bytes) Animal life found during the ride

 DSCN1364.JPG (139335 bytes) Debbie on her "Air Llama"           DSCN1393.JPG (72634 bytes) Mr. gopher paid us a visit at the camp site

 DSCN1416.JPG (29811 bytes)  MMMM with the moon......       DSCN1433.JPG (91601 bytes)  Taking a break  

DSCN1486.JPG (158922 bytes) Cold enough for ya?                    DSCN1487.JPG (143515 bytes)  No, I'm nice and toasty 

DSCN1489.JPG (82132 bytes) On the road to Star Farms.  There was a killer head wind on the way back.

DSCN1499.JPG (96137 bytes)  And I thought I was tall.....

DSCN1608.jpg (103867 bytes) Back at camp 

DSCN1609.jpg (78826 bytes) The barbeque on Sunday evening.  Is this chicken mad or what?