Yosemite Summer 2013  
Here is a collection of panoramas from my visit to Yosemite National Park during the week of June 23 2013.  Not too many this time.  The wife and I hiked 3200 vertical feet over 4.6 knee pounding miles from Glacier Point down to the valley.  My knee gave out with 2 miles to go.  That kind of killed our hiking for the week. 

We went over to the Eastern side of the Sierra Nevada mountain range.  I managed to get 3 decient panos

All were shot using a Sony NEX-7 camera, Sigma 8mm lens, Nodal Ninja Ultimate R1 pano head and a monopod. 



4 mile trail down to the valley floor below

Swinging Bridge near Wawona

Eastern Sierra on the other side from Yosemite