Yosemite Fall 2011  
Here is a collection of panoramas from my visit to Yosemite National Park during the Fall of 2011.  I was there for only 3 days, so there are not too many panoramas from this visit.

These panoramas All were shot using a Sony NEX-5 camera, Sigma 8mm lens, Nodal Ninja Ultimate R1 pano head and a monopod.


John Muir Trail.  To the right goes down to Vernal Falls.  To the left goes down to the bridge at Vernal Falls.  Behind goes up to Nevada Falls Trail up to Vernal Falls Trail up to Vernal Falls. Very steep stairs Trail up to Vernal Falls Right below top of Vernal Falls

These were all shot on the first part of the Panorama trial hike from Glacier Point (Geology shack is on the top left) to the top of Nevada Falls.  I stopped right after the bridge and went back.  I did not have time to complete the hike on this day.


Driving over Tioga Pass.  You can just see Half Dome in the first picture on the left