Yosemite Summer 2011  
Here is a collection of panoramas from my visit to Yosemite National Park during the week of July 4th.  Many have sound, so turn up your speakers.

The snow pack was at record levels.  As a result, the rivers and water falls were flowing at near flood levels. 3 tourists died July 20th when they climbed over the guard rail at the top of Vernal Falls.  The idiots wanted to get a better picture.  The current swept them away and over the falls never to be heard from again.  Pity the lengths fools will go to just to get a picture.   These HD (50 meg) videos shot at the tops of Vernal Falls and Nevada Falls show just how violent the raging rivers were.

These panoramas are my first attempt at shooting and processing RAW.  All were shot using a Sony NEX-5 camera, Sigma 8mm lens, Nodal Ninja Ultimate R1 pano head and a monopod.  The two videos were also shot with this nifty little camera.



July 3rd.  We arrive at Yosemite


July 4th.  Hike from Lower Pines to Bridal Veil falls.  5 miles 1 way.  Hitched a ride back.


July 5th.  Hike from Lower Pines to Yosemite Falls.  Distance - I can't remember.

July 6th.  Mirror Lake trail.  The trail is currently blocked about 3/4 the way around by a rock slide.


July 7th.  Mariposa grove.  Home of Giant Sequoia redwoods.

July 8th.  Mist trail to the top of Nevada Falls.  Grueling 8 mile round trip hike.


July 9th.  Bike ride around the park. 

 July 10th, depart Yosemite and return home. 

July 11th - July 24th, process all these darn panoramas!